In 2020, INTECO implemented social and charity programmes to support hospitals, children with disabilities, hospices, veterans, and families of fatally injured construction workers. Charity expenses for 2020 totalled RUB 37.6 million.

In April 2020, the Company initiated a fundraising campaign to support vulnerable groups of people who got cut off from the outside world due to the COVID-19 pandemic and required external aid (lonely seniors, orphans and people with special needs). Thanks to the joint efforts, the Company and its employees raised funds and bought computers that were later sent to the following organisations:

  • Kind People foundation, whose 200 volunteers delivered food baskets to lonely seniors in Moscow and the Moscow Region free of charge
  • FC Spartak fan club, which established a relief headquarters at Otkritie Arena to provide assistance for World War II veterans, people with special needs and local orphanages
  • One is Enough to Help charitable foundation for supporting and socialising orphans. The foundation collected computers for orphanages and remotely learning children

In 2020, the Company also participated in a targeted programme of the Vera Hospice Charity Fund led by Nyuta Federmesser. INTECO took part in crowdfunding efforts for the House of Mercy of Blacksmith Lobov. This is the only hospice in the Yaroslavl Region where dozens of cancer patients and their families regularly receive free medical, social, psychological, spiritual and legal aid.

Charity expenses for 2021 are expected to exceed RUB 40 million.

Kind People foundation logo '1помогает' foundation logo Hospice charity fond Vera



Supporting local education and comprehensive children development is a priority for INTECO. The Company used a neurodynamic approach to develop innovative playgrounds at its properties. As part of the Sadovye Kvartaly housing estate and a non-profit partnership with the Moscow State Institute of International Relations and the New Look Support Fund for Educational Initiatives, INTECO is building a New Look school to be opened in the 2023–2024 academic year. The school’s unique concept features an experimental centre to test modern educational techniques and unlock each child’s potentials using an efficient operating model, which will help its teachers focus exclusively on academic goals.

INTECO also supports industry-specific higher education. In September 2020, the Company signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, Russia’s leading construction university. The agreement will serve to deliver targeted assistance to the university’s most prominent students.


Support for the contemporary art is one of the high-priority areas for INTECO. The Company aspires to seamlessly blend artworks and living and open spaces within its housing estates. Examples include the Guardian sculpture by Dmitry Aske, which adorns the Balchug Residence residential development, and the emerging art collection of the West Garden project.

The visual aesthetics seen at Vrubelya, 4 were inspired by works of Mikhail Vrubel. In 2020, INTECO’s designers behind this idea held an interactive lecture titled the Echoes of Moscow Art Nouveau. At the event dedicated to the works of this great painter, they shared some insights on how his artwork inspired the designs of the Vrubelya, 4 properties and talked about cooperation between INTECO and the State Tretyakov Gallery.

In 2020, the Company became the general partner and initiator of Moscow. The Great Emptiness exhibition of works by Sergey Ponomarev, a most famous Russian photographer in the world and a Pulitzer Prize winner. The artist presented 45 black-and-white panoramic pictures of Moscow left deserted during the pandemic, which allowed visitors to see the city in a way they had never seen it before, with no people and no cars around.

In 2020–2021, filmmaking became another important area of the Company’s creative development.

In February 2021, the Illusion Cinema hosted a private premiere of a short film called A Playground Slide in Moscow, written by Alexander Tsypkin, directed by Radda Novikova and featuring renowned Russian actors. The film tells a story of human values and family relationships and is set in a children’s playground in the courtyard of the Sadovye Kvartaly housing estate, which helped create the atmosphere of today’s Moscow. INTECO was the general partner of the movie, with the Company’s Senior Vice President — Executive Director Evgeny Semenov appearing in the bit role of himself.

In 2021, the Company continued to support contemporary culture and became the general partner of the GUM-Red-Line Gallery festival featuring Red Garden, an exhibition of the Russian public art on Moscow’s Red Square. The exhibition displays works of the most outstanding Russian artists and sculptors of the recent decades. After the exhibition is closed, these works will be installed in public spaces of Moscow, in the vicinity of the Bosco Manufactures in Kaluga and in the Nikola-Lenivets Art Park in the Kaluga Region. Six artworks will become part of INTECO’s corporate collection, creating unique visual aesthetics of its properties.