INTECO’s environmental policy promotes sustainable and safe construction and seeks to help increase biodiversity across its residential developments in line with the green building philosophy.

The Company works with specialist contractors to develop a unique beautification concept for each of its projects. As a result, green areas account for significantly larger parts of INTECO’s housing estates than the minimally required 25%Clause 7.4 of Rules SP 42.13330.2016 Urban Development. Urban and Rural Planning and Development (approved by Order No. 1034/pr of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation dated 30 December 2016, entered into force on 1 July 2017).. For example, 2.04 ha, or 37%, of the 5.5 ha Westerdam project are to be planted with greenery. With the apple orchard included, the number is 6.04 ha, or 110%.

West Garden

The project features a riverside promenade, a 7 ha revegetated natural park and six inner gardens (white, crimson, meadow, lilac, steppe and fragrant), each with its unique set of ornamental plants.

200 trees
thousand shrubs
to be planted in 2021
81 plant species
for high biodiversity

The project is centred around rejuvenating and cultivating a 4 ha apple orchard. In addition, its open spaces will each have their own distinctive vegetation: red-tinted plants in the East Yard, white and silver flowers on the Central Boulevard, and yellow and amber shrubs in the West Yard.

60 plant species
included in a beautification project
100 trees
thousand shrubs
to be planted in 2021
Sadovye Kvartaly

The inner space of the estate features a park with plants representing each of the four seasons.

600 trees
in the inner park
Vrubelya, 4

The area will be planted with lime trees, lilacs and ornamental shrubs and further decorated with flower beds, creating a floral arrangement within the estate.