INTECO is committed to socially responsible business practices and places a great emphasis on sustainable development.

Our responsible business approach is governed by the Corporate Code of Ethics, which outlines the following guiding principles across all areas of the Company’s activities.

Compliance with standards, laws and regulations

The Company is fully compliant with applicable laws, requirements and standards regulating its activities, and diligently follows the principles of corporate ethics.

Honesty, transparency, integrity and reliability

The Company is transparent for its stakeholders and committed to integrating best corporate governance practices in its day-to-day operations. We strive to fulfil our obligations in a bona fide and consistent manner, follow a zero tolerance policy towards corruption and take effort to maintain both our own, and the industry’s reputation.

Respect of rights

INTECO seeks to strike a balance of mutual benefits when entering into transactions and does not tolerate the illegal use of another person’s property or any infringement of intellectual property or other rights.

Social responsibility

INTECO is not only a reliable employer that provides social support to its employees and their families, but also a responsible developer that preserves and enhances the environment as part of its projects.

Expertise and competence

To ensure the high quality of properties, we foster a strong expertise among our staff and create opportunities for their personal and career growth.

Respect of employee rights and ensuring equal opportunities

We provide equal opportunities for all employees and do not tolerate discrimination on the basis of gender, age, nationality or any other grounds.


INTECO takes appropriate measures to protect confidential information, including trade secrets and insider information. In line with the relevant corporate policy and Russian laws, we take organisational and technical measures to protect personal data of our employees, customers and partners.