INTECO’s top priority is to make its housing estates as safe as possible. All of the Company’s projects employ state-of-the-art solutions for safety, including fire-resistant structures and sealants, fire barrier slabs, steel frames, and mineral wool. There are no toxic or environmentally harmful components.

The Gidrovell water treatment systems installed at our residential properties are certified by NSF International. The equipment conforms to the following criteria:

  • Reduces contamination
  • Does not pollute the water with harmful components
  • Uses tested water contact materials
  • Is designed for specific water supply conditions, particularly in terms of pressure fluctuations

All of INTECO’s projects employ smart technologies. The Company only uses materials accompanied by a declaration of conformity, including those for fit-out, facade, glazing and cabling works. The Company mostly relies on solutions that use natural materials, which helps protect both human health and the environment.

West Garden

High-quality clinker bricks were used for facade works, while the ground floors use limestone and granite.

Sadovye Kvartaly

Facade cladding features decorative copper elements, clinker bricks and natural stones in light colours.

Vrubelya, 4

Facade cladding is made of dolomites from the Genaldon deposit in North Ossetia—Alania, Russia. It is a high-strength material enabling architectural solutions of any complexity to be delivered in the Moscow climate.


The Company is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and ensuring sustainable use of resources. INTECO has been pushing forward with a paperless workflow to avoid making hard copies or limit this activity significantly. In 2020, the Company used 27% less paper than a year before. To reduce printing costs in 2020, INTECO bought five Epson WF-C17590 inkjet printers, which require fewer consumables and only 180 Wh of electricity in print mode (vs 300–400 Wh for laser printers).

The Company upgraded over 400 units of computing equipment to extend their useful life. Equipment that no longer can be upgraded is subject to responsible disposal. For that end, the Company has signed a contract with Ecopolis Corporation, which owns the only complex of facilities in Russia to ensure eco-friendly disposal of waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

All INTECO projects make use of equipment and materials that provide for lower energy consumption and increased energy efficiency. The West Garden housing estate is equipped with energy efficient EC fans running on direct current and adjusting the load via an electronic control system. The energy efficient IE4-class fans used in Eurovent equipment help decrease power consumption by up to 30% compared to AC fans and save space, while also extending the number of operating hours before maintenance to 45+ thousand (vs 10 thousand hours for AC fans).

paper consumption in 2020
Up to 30%
decrease in power consumption thanks to energy efficient fans