The Company takes an unbiased approach to employee management, which is built on assessing professional qualities and having zero tolerance to any forms of discrimination. The Human Resources and Operations Division is responsible for recruitment and staff development. In 2020, as part of the transformation programme, we also set up the Nomination, Remuneration and Charity Committee chaired by the Vice President for Human Resources and Operations. Over the reporting year, the Committee held 19 meetings. The key decisions were related to allocating financial aid to employees in need of medical treatment and awarding bonuses for special merits to the Company.

INTECO’s headcount is optimal for implementing the Strategy and conducting business. In 2020, the Company had 428 employees. The personnel breakdown by gender is balanced, with the percentage of men and women close to parity.

INTECO’s personnel structure, %

The Company takes a responsible approach to recruiting and evaluating the professional qualities of job seekers. As a result of a thorough pre-employment screening, 2019 and 2020 saw over 90% of new hires successfully pass probation. To ensure efficient onboarding, the Company has implemented an extensive relevant programme.

INTECO is committed to ensuring health and safety of its people. Each employee who signs a primary employment agreement with the Company is covered by Voluntary Health Insurance (VHI).

From April 2020 to date, the Company has been taking additional steps to protect its employees from COVID-19. After the start of the COVID-19 vaccination offered under VHI, our employees received all necessary information on vaccination programmes. In 2020, they were also vaccinated against other infectious diseases as part of the VHI programme.

INTECO employees can request financial aid in case of certain life events or hardships (birth of a child, wedding, need for expensive medical treatment, etc.). The reporting year saw a significant increase in the number of partners providing corporate discounts to INTECO employees and their families.

INTECO carries out internal communications activities and employee engagement assessment on a regular basis. In 2020, we transitioned the majority of our communications online. Apart from internal and business meetings, INTECO conducted a series of online meetings between the Company’s senior executives, managers and experts. These meetings were streamed on the corporate portal. According to the surveys, most employees showed high engagement and shared the Company’s values. INTECO employees also wrote the script and played leading roles in I-men, a movie about the Company’s superheroes released on the eve of 2021.


We encourage our employees to grow professionally and personally. Employee training builds on the principles of continuous development and impartial competence assessment.

In line with INTECO’s Regulation on Employee Training and Development, we hold mandatory training and offer professional and management training programmes. Mandatory training covers health and safety, equipment operation and other matters as per legal requirements. Professional and management training is provided in line with personal development plans, current corporate needs and employee development recommendations issued during the assessment.

Number of trained INTECO employees
Type of training 2019 2020
External 83 120
Internal 175 99
Total 258 219

INTECO training programmes include hands-on sessions. In 2020, the Company held a two-stage workshop on mastering the value-based selling. At the first stage, the attendees acquired both theoretical and practical knowledge in sales based on the current market conditions. As part of the second stage, they took a series of master classes focused on individual needs and upskilling.