West Garden is a unique project that offers the benefits of living in nature complemented by modern architectural solutions. It is located in the natural ecosystem of the Setun River valley and fits the Park City LivingIn addition to direct access to the nature reserve, the Park City Living concept is about creating green and safe courtyard spaces. 90% of the estate’s area is designated for pedestrians only, of which park areas account for about 30%. concept.


  • 19 mid-rise (13–14 floors) residential buildings
  • A private access to the embankment of the Ramenka River (the estate’s embankment is two-kilometre long)
  • A line of the revegetated natural park of 7 ha
  • Six inner gardens featuring individual colour schemes, each with its unique set of ornamental plants
  • An underground car park for 1,586 cars
  • A kindergarten for 125 children
  • A healthcare facility


The project’s landscaping concept was designed by ARTEZA, a landscaping company. The solution centres on landscape conservation, preserving the natural diversity of the area and adding even more plants — the estate will have 1,500 new trees and 80 species of grass and flowers.

  • Multifunctional zoning
  • No car traffic inside
  • Continuous routes for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Walking routes raised above the ground to preserve meadow plants
  • A barrier-free environment for residents with reduced mobility
  • A pedestrian bridge over the Ramenka River
  • Recreation and reading areas
  • Children’s playgrounds
  • Sports areas
  • Works of art
West-Garden view

A six-meter urban sculpture created by Nikolay Polissky, co-founder of the Nikola-Lenivets Art Park and the Arkhstoyanie Festival, is a dense weave of hazel tree branches gathered near the village of Nikola Lenivets.

The shape of the sculpture derives from the outlines of the ancient columns of the Corinthian order and the ear of wheat as a symbol of abundance, while the colour scheme resonates with the design of the estate’s public spaces.

The installation will become the central piece of art in the West Garden collection and will also be exhibited at major art festivals.

Column sculpture



A digital model of internal traffic and pedestrian flows developed for West Garden helped optimise car traffic inside the underground car park, around the estate and at exits to the city road network. This traffic flow diagram eliminates transit traffic through the estate’s inside area, which significantly reduces the overall noise level and minimises the impact on the local ecosystem.

The car traffic does not flow all along the perimeter, but only on the side connected to the city transport network and in the areas adjacent to underground car park exits. Thus, almost the entire area of West Garden is car-free. Furthermore, following the model analysis we decided to set up additional crossings to public transport stops and guest and cycle parking areas for pedestrian safety and comfort.


A unique playground for West Garden was designed by INTECO together with experts of the children’s neurological centre Prognoz (St Petersburg) and architecture firms Druzhba and Chekharda. The idea of the technique is to train the vestibular system. The playground blends areas for different ages into a single game route using natural elements with uneven surfaces so that the brain and visual system would help the body adapt to the changing conditions while moving.

Advanced research-based innovative playgrounds facilitate children’s physical and cognitive development. Practical guidelines for creating and equipping such playgrounds are compiled in the Playgrounds of the Future: a Neurodynamic Approach, which is available on West Garden’s website.


Construction permits were obtained for all three stages of the project.

  • July

    Apartment sales started.

  • October

    A digital transport model was developed.

  • November

    The project won the Urban Awards 2019 as the Best Business-Class Residential Development Under Construction.

  • January

    FODD was chosen as the project’s general contractor.

  • February

    The landscaping concept developed by ARTEZA was approved.

  • June

    Reinforced concrete (RC) frame construction on the above-ground level in the buildings and the construction of external MEP systems started.

  • September

    Zero cycle works of the first stage were completed in all buildings.

  • October

    Construction of the second-stage buildings started.

  • December

    Turnkey fit-out apartment sales started.

RC frame construction on the above-ground level started in the second-stage buildings.

Scheduled completion of the first-stage buildings.

Scheduled completion of the second-stage buildings.

Scheduled commissioning of the last building and project completion.

Scheduled completion of apartment sales.


West Garden is among the leaders on Moscow’s business-class real estate market in terms of demand.

Share of mortgage transactions in 2020 sales, %