The Company’s greatest asset is its highly professional team. INTECO’s success is underpinned by high efficiency, profound knowledge of the market and the top management’s long track record in implementing complicated large-scale projects.

Corporate governance

After becoming the Company’s President in 2018, Alexander Nikolaev successfully guided INTECO through its transformation process, which resulted in a completely new business model. Significant growth manifests itself across all key metrics, with successfully implemented cutting-edge corporate governance practices and technologies for production and operation, including unique proprietary digital solutions. A risk management policy as well as a BIM standard and a methodology to calculate projects’ costs using BIM modelling have been developed and approved. In addition, the investment appeal programme is being implemented with an ambition to tap into debt and capital markets. The Company has been rebranded to position itself as a high-tech developer building on reliability and resilience.

Alexander Nikolaev has over 20 years of experience in managing the assets of large institutional and retail investors in real estate and private equity. He was responsible for managing a number of major assets in the Russian and West European real estate market, with the total value of assets exceeding USD 3 billion. Alexander Nikolaev helped build Eastern Property Holdings Ltd. (EPH), the first western public company in the modern history to focus on investments in the Russian real estate.

The President is promoting the industry’s interests representing it on a number of public councils and expert groups. These include the Public Council of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation, the Expert Council on Construction, Construction Materials Industry and Problems of Shared-Equity Construction for the Duma’s Committee on Transport and Construction, and the Expert Group of the Government Commission for Economic Development and Integration. Alexander Nikolaev is also involved with the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the interdepartmental working group set up to pilot information modelling technologies in the management of capital construction facilities’ life cycle, and the interdepartmental working group which addresses the procedures and mechanisms for attracting foreign labour to the Russian economy and foreigners’ entry to the Russian Federation for employment. He is a member of the General Council of Business Russia (nationwide business association). On 28 May 2021, he joined the Board of Trustees at the National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering.

Alexander Nikolaev graduated from Moscow State Institute of International Relations with a degree in International Law.

After joining INTECO’s team in 2018, Evgeny Semenov promptly reorganised the work of the Investment and Commercial Division. He supervised the development and approval of INTECO’s long-term strategy containing details on the Company’s future growth and shareholder value ramp-up. The Company achieved another milestone by ensuring compliance with new legislation on project financing and escrow accounts.

Evgeny Semenov has over 20 years of experience in investment consulting in the Russian real estate market working as a partner at Knight Frank and Regional Director of the Department for Financial Markets and Investment at JLL, a global consulting company.

He graduated from Semashko Moscow Medical Institute and University of California (obtaining an MBA), completed a programme at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and received the MRICS qualification.

Lyudmila Korneva is responsible for investment and analysis support of INTECO’s projects, conducts comprehensive economic analysis and a portfolio’s due diligence, in particular, for an IPO, and prepares investment models and analytical materials for the Board of Directors. Her responsibilities include conducting due diligence, building and regularly updating financial models for the Company’s projects, developing business plans as well as financial models for the Company to obtain loans from banks, potential investors and authorities. Lyudmila Korneva evaluates capitalisation and costs of the Company’s development projects, business, other assets and analyses risks and development prospects.

For more than 14 years, she has been working as Director for Investments at Absolute Group providing investment and analysis support for the group’s projects in Russia and abroad. She has ample experience in investment projects in residential and commercial development, industrial production, commerce and finance.

Lyudmila Korneva graduated from Plekhanov Russian University of Economics with a degree in Economics and Planning. She earned an academic degree from the University of Leuven (KU Leuven), Belgium, she is a CFA charterholder and a qualified financial market professional certified by the Federal Financial Markets Service.

Alexey Petrov joined INTECO in 2018. He oversaw the development and implementation of the incentive scheme to meet tactical and strategic targets set by the approved strategy. Upgrading the Company’s procurement system was another important objective. The upgraded system amassed best government procurement practices while also staying agile and adaptive to the highly competitive residential development market. The Vice President was charged with the development and implementation of a set of by-laws regulating management of the Company’s development projects. This laid foundation for a development project management information system functioning as a communications platform to ensure that projects deliver the best results.

During his professional career, Alexey Petrov worked as HR Director at Kempinski Hotels, Thomson Reuters, Vnesheconombank, Singapore’s Sovereign Wealth Fund Temasek and the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF).

He graduated from Moscow State Linguistic University and studied at Friedrich Schiller University Jena (Germany).

Anastasia Pomelova participated in the transfer of INTECO’s shares to PJSC Bank TRUST and reorganised the corporate structure into a holding company structure ensuring its full transparency for the shareholder. She supervises the purchase and marketing of sites for the implementation of new projects. Optimised functions and headcount streamlined the work of the Company’s Legal Division and helped minimise legal process outsourcing.

Prior to joining INTECO, Anastasia Pomelova worked in the technology, media, and telecom sector (MTS), banking (VTB Bank) and development segment (VTB Arena Park, Level Group). She managed contracts with and claims against general contractors engaged for the construction of Dynamo Central Stadium, a unique sports facility, and four more buildings under the VTB Arena Park project. As part of a project with Hyatt Hotels Corporation, she was responsible for the execution and performance of the contract with the hotel operator and supervised the entire launch process from establishing a subsidiary to concluding equipment supply contracts and addressing HR and licensing matters. The scope of her professional interests covers transaction support services for residential and commercial real estate, including land transactions, settlement of disputes and laying groundwork for transactions.

Anastasia Pomelova graduated from Moscow State Law Academy with a degree in Law.

At INTECO, Nikita Sirotin is responsible for managing processes to ensure the Company’s safety amid external and internal threats and driving continued improvement of the Company’s operations. He is charged with examining construction and installation works and procurement control ensuring transparent, efficient procurement activities and cost savings. His division has developed a regulatory framework and is coordinating risk management processes to properly and promptly identify and analyse risks for each project and plan preventive measures tracking their progress online.

Nikita Sirotin boasts extensive experience in working for public authorities as a crisis manager, developing budget metrics, rolling out management accounting systems at enterprises, establishing a tender department and arranging remote monitoring of procurement. For more than six years, he held managerial positions at Rostec State Corporation where he developed contract portfolios and optimised production processes, which resulted in companies achieving the financial break-even point.

Nikita Sirotin graduated from Moscow Law Academy and Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry with a degree in International Economics. He completed the following programmes: Project Investment at Moscow International Higher Business School (MIRBIS), Organisation of Biddings for Provision of Goods, Works, and Services for Public and Municipal Needs at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, Assessment of Innovative Activities and Innovative Projects at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.

The Vice President’s key functions include work at a pre-project stage involving evaluation of land plots’ urban development potential, cooperation with public authorities on the issue of regulatory documents, participation in the evaluation of ongoing projects, including utilities connections. He coordinates the work of design organisations at the design document development stage, selects general contractors and oversees construction processes.

For more than 20 years, Stanislav Frolov has been managing industrial, residential, and commercial construction projects as well as construction of major infrastructure facilities in various Russian regions: processing facilities in the Voronezh and Rostov regions, telecom facilities in 14 regions in the South and North Caucasus, including Megafon’s base stations, communication networks, data centres and offices. Under his oversight, the Megafaces pavilion was built in Sochi as part of the 2014 Olympics and now serves as a local landmark. The project was awarded the Cannes Lions Innovation Grand Prix.

Stanislav Frolov graduated from Voronezh State University with a degree in Law and from the Financial Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation with a degree in Finance and Credit; he also completed the SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management’s Executive MBA programme.

Natalya Goroshko promotes the Company’s interests by way of initiating GR projects related to the industry’s long-term development focus. She was in charge of INTECO’s initiative to ensure epidemiological safety on construction sites during the pandemic, mitigate the risk of suspension of works, reduce developers’ direct costs associated with epidemiological safety required by Rospotrebnadzor and maintain productivity levels. The initiative was successfully introduced, with the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation and Rospotrebnadzor advising to roll it out to the federal level.

Prior to joining INTECO, she worked at Severstal Group, VEB.RF’s representative office in South Africa, Gazprom Group, RT-Invest, GLONASS. Natalya Goroshko participated in the development of the second anti-monopoly package. She was among the group of experts who developed a turnover-based fine, a mechanism to limit an industry-based fine and promote holding companies’ interest in fair anti-monopoly practices. Natalya Goroshko was behind the initiative to include the Nadezhdinskaya Helium Hub, Svobodnenskaya Helium Hub and Amur Gas Processing Plant in the Priority Social and Economic Development Areas under the Power of Siberia project. Natalya Goroshko participated in a campaign to institute regional operators responsible for handling municipal solid waste and supervised regulatory and administrative support of the construction of incineration plants in the Moscow Region. Joining efforts with the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, she took part in creating a security system during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Natalya Goroshko graduated from Moscow State Law Academy with a degree in Law.

One of INTECO’s core focus areas is developing and implementing comprehensive transformation programmes with an impact on its all functional divisions. The transformation programme was developed in 2018, it enabled the Company to embrace a comprehensive project management system, significantly improve the project scheduling system, develop Power BI-based extensive system to evaluate the Company’s performance, optimise the organisational structure, reorganise the business model and start outsourcing design and general contractor functions, set up a Project Management Committee and streamline its routine activities. Sergey Lyashenko coordinated the development of the Company’s long-term strategy and is supervising the development and implementation of tactical plans to achieve the strategic goals.

Prior to joining INTECO, he was Head of Marketing and Strategic Management at Volga-Dnepr Group, one of the world’s largest air cargo transportation companies, where he was responsible for the development of a long-term strategy and functional strategies, development and implementation of balanced metrics and programmes to optimise costs, business plans of subsidiaries and affiliates, incentives and rewards systems.

His work at Baker Tilly Rusaudit, a consulting company, resulted in a portfolio of projects in the oil sector, agriculture, retail, food industry and some other areas, which allowed Sergey Lyashenko to gain ample cross-industrial experience.

He graduated from the National Research University Higher School of Economics’ Faculty of Economics with a degree in Finance and Credit.

The Head of IT Department is responsible for the digitalisation of the Company’s business processes. He oversees the development and introduction of IT systems from the Company’s communications portal providing for goal-setting and project control to CRM systems. A development project management system and a corporate accounting system have been rolled out, with the latter comprising a number of metrics ranging from financial data to progress monitoring of ongoing projects. Most of the Company’s IT solutions have been integrated by in-house capacities without any involvement of external system integrators.

Alexander Selyunin’s career landed him in such major companies as IBM, Nokia-Siemens Networks, Electrolux and CISCO. He was responsible for the development of IT infrastructure at Troika Dialog and ATON where he was tasked with rolling out CRM and ensuring due functioning of IT infrastructure, including trading systems. First as Deputy Director and then as Director for IT at the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), he was in charge of running all IT systems and boosting their digitalisation, with responsibilities ranging from statutory reporting to developing internal applications for investment portfolio management.

Alexander Selyunin graduated from Lomonosov State Moscow University. He is a holder of MCP, MCSA, MCSE certificates.

The Company has long-term incentives in place based on KPIs linked to creating and increasing the Company’s long-term value. KPIs related to value creation are cascaded to every employee on an annual basis.