KEY STREAMS IN 2021–2023

INTECO’s investment appeal programme for 2021–2023 is a natural extension of its transformation programme for 2019–2020. It seeks to create a residential developer that appeals to investors and meets the requirements for public companies.

The programme’s key focus areas are:

  • Creating a routine to streamline the implementation of projects in the Company’s growing portfolio
  • Embracing comprehensive digitalisation for all processes and functional areas
  • Improving the risk management framework
  • Developing corporate communications
  • Laying the groundwork for a continuous dialogue with the investment community and public disclosures
  • Creating a corporate governance framework in line with best practices
  • Developing and implementing a programme to raise capital in public markets
  • Advancing the industry by contributing to law-making initiatives

These focus areas cover the space of three years, but their roadmaps are updated on an annual basis. Every functional division has its own initiatives, with the respective KPIs integrated into a framework used to assess managers’ performance. In addition, the Company regularly adapts all initiatives to external and internal changes.